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Statista, the most popular ecommerce statistics analysts, says that at least 1 billion of the total world’s population must have bought something from online stores. Building an online store takes a lot more than you can think since customers will quickly change their mind if your ecommerce store is unable to fulfill their expectations. Being an active and most successful owner of online store, you must realize that there are always some significant tricks that separate the ordinary ecommerce store from the most influential one.

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Successful Ecommerce Store

So what brings your store close to achieving the envious success? You also might be curious as to what drives maximum traffic and conversion to your website. Why some stores can’t perform as phenomenally as others can? The answer is, every online shop runs based on a strategic planning, knowledge of hot trends and the effective implementation of all your initiatives. So here we are going to spill the beans about how to hit more sales volume and build a lucrative store without losing gigantic cash. Check out the list of 7 things that can enrich your ecommerce business.

Crafting The Ideal Model Of Your Business

At the core of any viable business model lies the strength of the efficient use of resources. Utilizing the resources effectively to its full capacity can help you generate the maximum ROI. As for ecommerce business, the business model revolves around the identity and value it brings to customers and how beautifully it solves their problems and meets their requirements. Much of what your online store is about is dependent on technology (CMS or framework) used, domain name, UX and UI, and logistics partner providing customer delivery service. 

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Understanding The Domain Name Importance

Deciding a catchy Domain name is definitely an important stage of driving your online store to success. Think of all the jam-packed ecommerce websites congested with overwhelming horde of shoppers. Having an appealing ecommerce store can be a combination of both: ease and relevance. Also it needs to be short, brand-worthy and original. Remember that your ecommerce name should not violate any copyrights whatsoever. 

The Choice Of Technology

Open source ecommerce development technologies have made it convenient for ecommerce website development specialist to customize the store. Some of these free technology sources are Prestashop, Opencart, Magento, Woocommerce, OS commerce, Shopify and several others. When choosing the most appropriate cart technology, you must emphasize on your precise business requirements, suitability and scalability for the future expansion. As each of them comes with assorted level of functionalities and features, select the one that would make sense to your customers perfectly. 

Logistic Solutions And Partners

If you can make a good investment in delivering the exemplary ecommerce solutions to your customers, get prepared to invest in the concept of centralized warehouses located in metro cities controlled and guided by distribution centers. The items to be delivered can be promptly sent to respective customers, ensuring efficient service. 

The Manipulation Of Mobile Commerce

Here is the confident word from GoMobile: 55% of the time spent on retail sites are from mobile devices. The experts also fairly proclaims that mobile devices are going to be responsible for 30% of global retail ecommerce spending in 2018, which reflects increase of 15% from 2013. 

So opening a brand ecommerce store with generous scalability options need to first join the whirlwind of mobile-friendly trend. Mobile commerce is manipulated by the leaders of ecommerce to its maximum capacity in order to possess the potential customers who look for their favorites using mobile-optimized websites. 

Social Commerce Unleashed

The last year observed the tremendous rise of social commerce trend where customers who come across the promotional advertisement on social media sites can directly buy it from the same portal without having to be redirected to the source webstore to conserve time. 

You will be dumbstruck to know that social networking commerce has created a parallel market online with 40% of global ecommerce sales emanating from online stores. Considered as a pool of honest shares, candid expressions, forthright opinions, social commerce will be useful to those who often rely on user reviews, suggestions on delivery and product implementations. 

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram are some of the typical social networking junctions that many ecommerce proprietors are going to turn to for reaching the maximum influx of customers.  In fact, we have already begun to see some of the practical examples of these stores adopting the trend of social commerce. 

The Elements That Matter

The last point in the list is going to cover the technical and other website traffic enhancers. The following are worth considerations. 

Customer-Focused UI And UX Design

User interface corresponds to the quality of experience your users have while navigating through the different sections of your website. Ensure that your website UX design expert you have hired will exercise the modern-most practices while designing an eye-catching, seamless and visually appealing store. Having an awesome UX design supports the efforts done for UI interface implementation and boosts engagement, conversion and brand reputation. 

Cloud Hosting Services

People are gravitating to hosting their website on Cloud platforms, enabling your online store to cope with fast-paced changes done to meet the ongoing flexibility requirements. Performance, scalability, security, economy are some of the obvious results of going cloud for your ecommerce business. 

The Rules Of Smart Marketing

Gone is the time when physical ways of marketing (in-print ads, billboards and pamphlets and brochures) used to rule the business ethics. In this time, those traditional, old methods of marketing will no longer give you the results. Digital marketing initiatives are sneaking up the walls of digital commerce now a day. SEO, SMO, PPC and email marketing are the new definitions of sophisticated marketing. With this being explained, having a responsive and SEO optimized web pages will prove to be epic for your business. 

The Final Lines Of Wisdom: The Ideal Approach

If you are determined to set up a shopping cart to attract the real buyers, there are a few elemental things you need to work out, and they are: 

  • Intuitive, user-friendly and interactive interface
  • Most updated inventory management system
  • Multiple languages and payment gateways
  • Ease of order management and shipping methods
  • Customer service and relationship management
  • Optimized check out process
  • Reviews and ratings
  • SEO friendly URL and product descriptions

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